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Trigger warning: the face of Hitler imbedded in the ribcage of a nude female figure.

Damn it Gantz

I wonder about my friend sometimes.

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Because these are awesome and should get more exposure.

Trigger warning: Dead White Cissexual Male Feefees
These images are big )
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Went out shopping for groceries today with mom. We got to discussing sci fi movies and she mentioned how Leonard Nemoy was in the latest Transformers movie right after I said that I didn't intend to watch it. This prompted a "oh hell, now I need to see it" reaction from me. This prompted her to mention how one of her co-workers had the exact same reaction and she should totally set us up. This is a guy she isn't entirely sure is straight. W.T.F.

Anyways, before shopping time dear Ginger was playing at being Queen of the Lap in the Office Chair and went to climb onto my desk, which she does regularly. She apparently decided that the desk wasn't worth the effort and went to back onto my lap at which point I heard a loud organic POP sound which scared the hell out of me. Now I'm starting to wonder if her dislike of sitting on the porch when it's chilly might be a sign of arthritis or general joint pain. She actually curled up under the covers with me this afternoon which was a little odd.

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Plotting how I'm going to spend tomorrow.

I'm going to need a LOT of plastic balls to make the Sistine Chapel into my own personal ball pit.
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She's been reset to factory settings and updated and it did fuck all for the locking issue, so it pretty much has to be a problem with the hardware. :/ Also, all attempts to turn it off have failed. All I've managed to do about that is get an angry ipod cheep.

But it's acting wonky enough that tomorrow I'm going to update itunes and try again.
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It's such a nice counterpoint to the flaming crap smell of my old one.


Jan. 7th, 2010 10:46 am
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It is COLD

But the Eco prof is awesome.
Math is next, we'll see how that goes.
Then Tucci. 8D

Also Gigi says hai to "everyone".
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Dear Uterus.

Fuck you too. >:/
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It's nearly done LBC, but I do need to know if you want regular fringe or the ~tentacle~ fringe on it. The sooner the better, because I'm going to have to hand wash it to rinse out the Ginger dander that I'm sure is on it. Kitty gets cuddly when the temp starts to drop.

The waves are crisper than on the Zex scarf, but the Utwig are more uptight than him anyways. ;D

Also, I epic fail at going to bed early. I felt crappy so I went to bed at 9:30, and woke up at 10:50. How in the hell did I manage to nap when I wanted to sleep? D:

Well shit.

Dec. 14th, 2009 12:55 pm
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My Tiger icon poofed, but all of it's connected info is still there. WTF?

Also LBC, we need to go shopping sometime later this week. Gran has the bitchies that I haven't gone shopping yet. Nevermind the fact that between finals and hell-flu I haven't felt up to it.

>:/ Fuck giftmas.
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Final has been studied for, the cats have been wormed, and Kali is purring next to me.

The HellHound is in her crate for eating my hairbrush. >:/

It's the second one she's eaten, and I have no idea where my other two might be. Fuuuuuuuuck.
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As dear LBC would say, Neopets + Tropic Thunder = wrong.


Aug. 21st, 2009 02:54 pm
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Still not dead, although I wish I were.

Crappy day yesterday was topped by Gunda getting out of the house (she ran right back in thank FSM), and ~losing my magic~. Now I'm dizzier than a pair of pants in the spin cycle and bleeding.

E you bitch, you jinxed me!
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Non-stop rain
Moving things in the non-stop rain
Random friendings from spammers or bots
Crappy YYB scores
All Water litters when you wanted a Divine
Nobles you already have
Missing out on poking monks for TC
Forgetting to play my games before the rollover

It's been that kind of week.
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I went to see Coraline in 3D on Friday night with some friends, we had a good time. Except the bit when the movie cut out for a few minutes, but they had a manager come out and explain things and got the movie back up fairly quickly, and we got a rain check out of it, so it wasn't all that bad.

I was not able to get out of going to Alabama. XP So I get to spend 10-12 hours in a truck without any sleep the night before! :D Good times, good times.

I also had a wonderful little meltdown that completely killed my desire to finish any correspondence or for that matter, do anything at all. I'm mostly okay now, but it seriously sucked for a bit. Meh.
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It's been a busy weekend.

Very busy. )

So now I'm just going to zone out playing with my neopets, and try to work towards getting that Cloud Krawk I decided I wanted last night.


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