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If I don't laugh I'm going to cry.

Within 24 hours not only have I lost an item that took me an entire month to get on Neopets due to a glitch, but the primary computer is broken. Why is the primary computer broke? Because of an internet explorer update! The OS won't load (WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME SAFEMODE?) and the diagnostics I ran (F12 FTW) indicate that whatever happened to the software there is no way in hell I'm going to be able to fix it myself. So we'll take it to the shop tomorrow. I think I'm a little closer to pulling my grandmother over to the firefox side of the force. I'd rather bomb IE from orbit than use it on a computer.

Thankfully I hadn't yet changed any of the internet defaults on that computer's predecessor. So I can get online, but not much because I'd happily put my fist though any computer right now. It was a stroke of luck that happybox and boomstick weren't connected when the computer got borked.

The trip to New Jersey is going to be a disaster. An epic disaster. I'm leaving at 4am on wed. and things are already going wrong.

You know what? I don't fucking care anymore.

LBC, if I die my hard green notebook has a list of passwords. Could you tell the people in my E-address book that I'm dead if I die? I don't have high hopes for the outcome of this trip.


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