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I went overboard on the increasing last night, so I had to pull out about four rows, but I'll need that portion of the pattern to make that bump for the middle of the head. I've still no idea how I'll do that itty bitty orz tail.

My grandmother is pissed at me. She wanted me to go with her to some job place, and I agreed to go. Then at 12:00 last night she tells me that I need to pick out a "nice" outfit and be up by 8:00am, and we'd go from her doc appointment to the place. So I told her that I'd wished she'd mentioned that earlier, and she blew my comment off as kvetching.

So when I wasn't up at exactly 8(didn't fall asleep until around 4), she was annoyed, and told me to be up and dressed by the time she was back. When she found me dressed and ready to go, but once again horizontal, she wasn't to happy. When I refused to have a 'say something, repeat louder, repeat louder' conversation about how sore my throat was, she walked out without me. She also made a comment about how it must be my allergies thats causing it (its not allergies when I'm sneezing shamrocks) and she doesn't care about how rotten I feel. Because it is utterly my fault that I've had a hell-cold thats been kicking my ass.

I she was probably set off by the fact that the internet had quit working. I've told and shown her how to get it back up, but the world will implode the day she listens.


Sep. 29th, 2007 10:35 pm
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I've been yawning all day, I'm tired but not enough to actually sleep. Good for me that USA is going to have Law and Order on all night, eh?

My finger scratch is pretty much healed, but then I found a new one on my leg.

I made a little progress in the Orz pattern. I'd be further along if I wasn't doing the increasing on the fly with a calculator and a short attention span. I've got about 1/4 of the body done, with notes this time! I think that when I'm about 1/8ths 7/8ths of the way done I'll deal with the eyes.
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I poked Ginger's paw and she nailed my index finger. owwwie

I'm thinking that my work on the Orz will go much slower today. I need my index finger to wrap the wool around, but it'll catch on the bandaid, on the other hand without one the constant rubbing of the wool will open it up again. (I love you wool, why must you be so abrasive? *sob*) I guess I'll take a few hours and try to work out the increase/decrease math for the middle of the head and tail, or try to type up the first half of my notes into a pattern.

My Orz has arms, but it lacks a body. It looks like it might keep lacking a body. Dammit why did it have to be my left hand? If it were my right this wouldn't be an issue.
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Okay, so LBC's Fwiffo is almost done, I just need to tweak the arms a little and attach the body. FSM should be started by tomorrow and since I've figured out how I'm going to do %90 of the work in advance it shouldn't take long. But I'm prepared for the worst, a kid-safe Flying Spaghetti Monster is not an easy thing to make.

After those are finished I'm not sure what to start next. My Phlendo? The Melnormes? ZEX in a Fuku? Bah, I'll figure something out.

Its staying in the 90s during the day (88 right now)so its quite likely I'll be more of a night owl than usual for most of the summer.
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The VUX pony is done! Muahahahahahaha! 

When I finished painting him tuesday I sat him on my dresser and laid down to fall asleep.  Well I made the mistake of looking up to where it was, and I felt like I was being leered at. 

I've also started the crocheting the Zex doll, the snout shall be hard to make, but tentacles are easy.


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