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I'm home! Holy Flying Spaghetti Monster I'm home at last!

A day and a half up to, and down from NJ. When we got there we checked out the grave plots my great-grandmother had bought years ago. The place was kind of a mess, the map of the plots was made sometime before the current office was built and even the woman was running it had a hard time finding them. Now I know how they managed to bury two people in the four plots we originally owned, but they gave us four in a different but better location, so it worked out. It was also full of geese! I didn't see a deer that wasn't roadkill, but Canadian Geese were everywhere!

We did get directions that included the phrase "turn left at the Wawa." And the first guy to pump our gas for us was not only a former native of my home town, but had lived in the west wing of the same apartment complex!

Gran dragged me all over to see every place she even sneezed at as a kid, which was kind of understandable as it was her 50th High School reunion, but it was annoying as hell.We stayed at her former classmate's house, and she was a kind generous and considerate host, so on the 2nd morning when she started reading religious material during breakfast it was quite a shock to me! Thankfully gran didn't see my 0.o face during breakfast. But the woman's dog was awesome. He was an American pit-bull and seemed to be about about 100 pounds of ZOMGluvuPETME! please? *wagwagwag* In ten minutes I'd won him over by ear scritches alone!

I spent most of the Reunion's Cocktail party reading with people walking up and commenting on how bored I must have been. WTF? Dirty books are fun. It was a novel and not one of LBC's manga, but a sex scene is a sex scene!

During the actual reunion I took my sketchbook, and had a local watercolorist give me an impromptu facial anatomy lesson and the name of the book she'd used to study it herself. She'd spied on my sketching a neopet before striking up a conversation, so I wonder what she'd have done if it'd been ZEX I was sketching? Like I was in the nail parlor while gran was getting her nails done. XD

Anyways, the hostess found out about the encounter with the artist and now I owe her a sketch because I refused to show her my book... She really didn't need to see Bishonen Senshi Sailor ZEX or the anatomy sketches I was doing while planning out how to make other starcon soft toys.

I met my grandfather's brother, his wife and their grandson, made of win they are. I met my granddad's other granddaughter. I visited with my grandfather, his wife and their dog. The wife doesn't like me, and when I commented that they fed the dog well she was about to launch into a pre-reheresed "fluff not fat" tirade when I said "No, I mean she has this georgous healthy coat, shes so beautiful!" She clammed up rather quick. Then I had nothing but praise for her cake... I think she REALLY hates me now. XD

The birds burst into noise the second we walked into the house, even the parakeets. Kali kept giving me "where the FUCK were you all this time?" looks. Ginger is at the "I miiiiissed you" petmepetmepetme stage. While the ever regal Abby went the "Oh? You're home already? Well if you insist I'll allow you to scratch my head" route. The bunny Gizmo seems to have grown by a third of her previous size.

We're going to pick Cosmo up from the petshop sometime tomorrow. I missed him so much! I hope he doesn't try to bite my nose this time.

Everyone is still alive! You did a marvelous job LBC!
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