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Well, that was a new experience. I just had a thread locked for being snarky. The funny thing? I wasn't being snarky, I was dead serious.

Edit: Well, not so much dead serious as the same "gentle ribbing" sense of humor that I've always used, must've poked the wrong peep. At the very least its lead me to the discovery that I apparently don't mix well with militant anything.
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I've noticed that the sicker I get, the weirder I get. And adding LBC to the mix only makes it worse. Because I would have never made this icon without her influence.
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Yesterday I helped my mother to move our spare dryer from the back of the shed, to the front(because the other one broke and we can't yet pull it out of the apt). Which ended up requiring taking out about %95 of the stuff in the shed. So we yanked out most of it , and then decided that it was the perfect time to clear out and condense the contents. Which lead to moving books around and my mother's dramatic reading of "Green Eggs and Ham," I nearly died laughing.

Hmmm, I've just had an idea , LBC could you find me a really raunchy Yaoi fic? If they start quoting at me I'll start quoting at them too. But whether or not its FSM or YAOI will depend on my mood at the time.


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