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I've been watching "How the Earth Was Made" on the History channel.

Geology makes me think of starcon, how sad is that? )

It feels like my insides have been scraped out with a grapefruit spoon. This is going to be a bad week.
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At heart, I am . . .

The Orz are as cheerful as they are incomprehensible. Their language patterns defy all automatic translators, making it an incredible challenge to interpret anything they have to say. While they seem to babble harmlessly about happy campers in playgrounds, the Arilou strongly distrust the Orz. It is possible that they are responsible for the disappearance of the Androsynth.

Which Ur-Quan Masters Species Are You?


Dec. 13th, 2006 07:26 am
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Last night(morning!) I finally got tired and went to get some rest, but the minute my head hit the pillow the Yehat theme started playing in my head full blast, it had been playing before that but only in snips and snatches. So I try to shut down my mental radio in an attempt to get some sleep. So guess what happens? The Mycon remix starts playing in my head, suddenly I'm plagued with some sort of Mycon/Yehat mix in my head, and it sounded nice.   This is far weirder than playing Yoshi's Island with the sound off and having my brain supply the needed sound effects. 

Mom has been singing at the 'keets, and they try to beak-sync to the lyrics.  They are apparently quite fond of  Evanescence, but when the music is as loud as the words they don't even try.

Oi, LBC if I asked you to help me with a Christmas thing I'm helping my gran with, would you come? Its this Saturday and I'll only need you there to keep me sane.  We could play Go Fish with the minor arcana, and thus annoy the pious with our evil Tarot loving ways.


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