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I can breathe out of my nose again! :D

But I still can't stop coughing. X(

Shiva has mostly learned to be civil to Ginger, and after the first night he spent outside he hasn't tried going outside again. He's so grumpy 90% of the time, and the last 10% he wants to PLAY! Which usually means waiting where I won't see him and smacking me with a paw, happily he seems to have figured out that keeping his claws in is a good thing.

The Crawdad moulted, and he got BIG. The goldfish now back down when he goes after a piece of food. Pico is bigger as well, but since he eats the goldy leftovers and the algae in th tank that isn't very surprising.
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Long story short I've been taking care of two kittens lately(from March 30th or so). A neighbor went to take out her garbage and found them by the dumpster, they were completely gray from the grease and dirt on them, and they were utterly covered in dog fleas.

Bathed 'em and found out something interesting, they're both bright white except for Loud's (male kitten)gray mark on his forehead. Louder (the female) is so white that using the flash on the camera on her gives me nothing but a white blur.

Guess who the lucky bitch is that gets to take care of them? Me. So it looks like Louder, who happens to be the runt of the two, is staying with us and Loud is going to go home with his future owner in a week or two.

Now I just have to find a name for her. The woman who found them asked to see them and suggested "Angel"* but I mentioned that I'd rather wait to find out what her personality was like before naming her, "If I start calling her Angel now she'll only end up evil." She agreed and my Gran mentioned that I'd probably give her some Godawful name. So now I'm REALLY tempted to name her Magrathea.**

* Vampire Detective kitty? Oh hell no!
** What? She sleeps on a towel! :D
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Its about time I got around to this. I have pets, lots of pets and I take pictures lots of pictures, but I rarely post any of them. So I intend to remedy that. Today through Sunday I'll attempt to post pictures of every critter I have, barring the fish.

Critters, I haz dem. )

So that still leaves all six of the birds, the guinea pig and the dog that is to come.

EDIT: Added Oreo and made the photos into clickable thumbnails to keep the pics from playing merry hell with my monitor.
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In about four hours I'm going to have an Oreo. Apparently one of Gran's coworkers has a Guinea Pig that their kid got bored with and now its coming to live with us. I've been told that its a talker when something walks past its cage, which will make things interesting with all the cats we have.

Mom stopped by for about ten minutes to drop off a gift bag. I didn't have a chance to tell her about Sprite, but she did mention getting a kitten. I saw a cellphone pic of it and its a blue Persian/Himalayan mix. Its not quite the white cat she'd been looking for for auntie, but I can honestly say I can't blame her for not saying "no" to that face.

Ginger and Kali officially know the command "sit on the scale," Ginger was ten pounds with Kali at nine pounds. Kali looks fatter, but its all that damn coat she has. Abby steadily continues to say "fuck you human and your smelly shrimp too" to all attempts at teaching her to do anything. Ginger and Kali on the other hand, do what I ask then start looking for the treats.

Hey LBC, do you still have that pic of the keets from when I was living on the south end? I think I lost an entire disc worth of pics from around that time.

Not thrilled with the concept of cats.
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I'm home! Holy Flying Spaghetti Monster I'm home at last!

Where I was and what I did. )

The birds burst into noise the second we walked into the house, even the parakeets. Kali kept giving me "where the FUCK were you all this time?" looks. Ginger is at the "I miiiiissed you" petmepetmepetme stage. While the ever regal Abby went the "Oh? You're home already? Well if you insist I'll allow you to scratch my head" route. The bunny Gizmo seems to have grown by a third of her previous size.

We're going to pick Cosmo up from the petshop sometime tomorrow. I missed him so much! I hope he doesn't try to bite my nose this time.

Everyone is still alive! You did a marvelous job LBC!
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Had to go clothes shopping today with my grandmother. Why in the hell she thought the clothes in Catherine's would fit me I'll never know, they fit her and she's twice my size. :P But I did manage to get a skirt in the last shop we hit, with the right top and Cosmo on my shoulder I'd look like a pirate.

Cosmo has a new cage now, his last one was better suited for a slightly larger parrot. Now I just need to get him a Boing and replace the washers holding up his heavier perches he'll be all set for his time at bird-camp. Which reminds me that I really need to start writing LBC's Guide to Watching Pets. Fuck it I'll do it now.

Rule 1. If anybody dies, put them in a plastic bag and stick 'em in the freezer then call me.

2. The cats take care of themselves. I'll fill the feeder/waterer and change the potty boxes out before I leave. If you feel like scooping the catbox in the bathroom while you're watching them they'll love you forever, but I won't require it.

3. The bird water needs to be changed every day, they like to make soup in their water dishes with their kibble. Keep their kibble bowl full and I'll show you how to refill the backup water and seed dispensers before I go. Also, if you find that Ricky put his ball in his water dish just rinse it off and put it back in his cage.

4. Don't let the cats stay in the bird room. If its Kali that won't leave shake the new canister of catnip in her direction and give her enough to get really plastered. If its Ginger, shrimp. If its abby, go sit in the living room and pet the other two.

5. Play with the babies, but Ricky should be taken out separately from Zelnick and Lucy as they pick on him.

6. Feed the fish about 3-5 fish kibbles when you remember and don't panic if you skip a day or two. Feed the turtle, I don't want to come home to an angry turtle.

7. We have a bunny cage on the way and Gizmo already knows how to use the waterer. Play with the bunny, we want to keep it tame yes? Keep the bowl and waterer at least 3/4ths full.

8. I'll be cleaning everyone's cage/tank/bowl/box before I go, so they should be okay for the first day.

9. Try to come over at various times. I don't want the maintenance people to realize we're gone, as I don't trust them and I'm rather fond of my possessions. If they ask why you're over so much, spin a tale about writing a collaborative Tentacle Porn fanfic. Use graphic phrases and smile like you do when you find a new Yaoi manga.

Anything underlined is extremely important. I think I've covered everything. If anything goes awry call me immediately(use the phone at my place so you don't rack up a bill). Is that all? I hope thats all.
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I HAVE A DESK! Yes its Wally-World particle board, and still sitting in the car, but soon my computer shall be up and running!

Also, Abby is pissed that I put petroleum jelly on her paws for her hairball issues. Those front paws of hers are her pride and joy, so I ended up having to dose her on a back foot.

A very large pic of the girls playing tetris on the couch. )

Abby is the grey and white polydactal. Ginger is the orange manx. Callie is the tabby with the freakishly long tail.
No I didn't put them there, yes they were sleeping.
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Ginger smacked me today.

I've been trying to train my cat Ginger to sit and sit-up, as she's the first cat I've had with the brains and aim-to-please personality that would make it possible. So everyday for the past two weeks(give or take) we've been doing this training drill where she sits, sits-up(like a meerkat)then gets a freeze-dried shrimp. Well, today I wanted to see if she knew the words or the sequence.

Well she hesitated at the first 'up', then did her 'sit' just fine, I grabbed a shrimp and squatted down on the floor like usual then asked her to 'sit' but she went 'up' so I told her "no, sit", so she smacked me on the lip! But she did successfully finish the new sequence.

Blasted cat knew that 'sit'+'up'=shrimp. Apparently I'm the one being trained. I just wish she'd train me to stop stepping on her tail. She's a Manx with an inch worth of tail and I've stepped on it twice.


May. 24th, 2007 01:53 pm
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One of these days I'll actually post the pictures I've taken of the lakeside birds, but right now its Quaker time!

But first, A little something special for LBC )
I like to call it: I can has a Krill?

My bird is a hell-beast! Yaaaaay! )


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