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My upstairs neighbor has a dog... This annoys me for two reasons.  1.  The landlord has had a no dog policy for nearly two years, these people moved in less than three months ago.  2. The dog is a large Boxer that has abandonment issues, when they lock it in a room (often) It howls, whines and scratches at the door.  This place is nowhere near soundproof and it happens all the time. Guess where the sound just happens to funnel down to?  Right over my fucking bed!

It gets better... On wednesday night, after spending a busy day with lady_black_cat I was quite tired, My cat had me up before dawn and I had fallen asleep at my usual hour(well after midnight).  So at 12:40 that night I had to get dressed and walk upstairs, this was the conversation that followed.

Me:*rings doorbell* (Keep in mind that my hair was wet and I looked like crap.)
Sherlock:*spoken loudly* "Maybe its my..." *opens door* "hello?"
M: Could you please do something about the dog?
S: What dog?
M: Its digging its way to china and its keeping me awake.
S: Oh*looks disconcerted* okay.
M: Goodnight *walks down stairs*

They let the dog out of the room, I could hear it running, and twenty minutes later I'm in lala land.

Today, I again spent the day with LBC; I go to take the trash out  and what do I see but Sherlock walking the dog.
I passed him without saying a word, but by the time I turned the corner I couldn't help but laugh and say  "What dog? my ass!"

So the fucker waited, acting all belligerent in his doorway and asked me if I had said anything, my answer?  "Not to you!"  Then Sherlock has the balls to try and tell me that he had said "what noise" not  "what dog."  My response " yeah, right, whatever."

With lady_black_cat as my witness tonight that dog started scratching and whining again.
This is war.


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