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Today was weird,  in the span of less then an hour two things happened.  Some woman;  the caller ID came up with Deb (last name withheld to protect the stupid), called me up and asked who I was.  My answer, "I'm the person who you just called."  She then replied with an "I know that!"  in a rather nasty tone of voice. I was silent out of shock at this point, and when she said "Patrick?"  I lost it, "You have the wong number lady!" I didn't scream, but I did say it rather loudly, and the bitch didn't even give me a sorry.  How dare I answer my phone and not be her patrick., if she calls again I'll tell her that patrick is in the shower with my sister, and I don't even have a sister.

Well when the call came in I was busy taking down my halloween webs, so when I was done with Deb I went back out to finish.  Then sherlock and the chickie come home.  He kept silent, but apparently she couldn't  "The best part about halloween is putting up the decorations."  Which blew my mind because  A. I was taking the shit down and  B The best part of halloween is not the decorations, its the free licence to eat a shitload of candy and mess with the perceptions of others.  So I gave her a meh sort of shrug and smile.  I'd just taken a long walk in nearly 80 degree weather, and had spoken to LBCs sis, so I wasn't up to discussing Halloween preferences with anyone, let alone the chickie. 

What part of my not even saying hello to anyone unless they say hello first do they not get? And if Sherlock doesn't stop giving me the evil eye I'm gonna go pagan on his ass. 

On a lighter note, I got George Carlin's  When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops in hardcover for $1.50.

Update:  It has come to my attention that perhaps Chickie meant to say  "The best part of halloween is putting up the decorations, not taking them down."  Which still doesn't make all that  much sense to me.   Because I have more fun taking things down than putting them up.   I've always been like that, which probably stems from having a grandmother who's a christmas tree perfectionist.  One year we put our fake tree up about 4 times because she wasn't happy with the effect she was getting with the lights.  Never was I so happy to put something away than that bloody tree.   I hated that tree, it was the most comlicated tree that I ever had to deal with.  The first 3rd was all one piece, and had to be floofed up, then every single branch had to be floofed and placed into a slot based on a color code that was (badly) painted on the metal hook of every branch.  Which was about 7 branches and eight or nine levels.  That was a fuckin' lot of tree to floof, and each branch might be floofed three times during setup.  The most annoying bit?  I got fewer scratches messing with a real tree than that fake one.  The only good thing about it was that the Great Dane never had a chance of knocking it over, it was sturdy, but a pain.


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