Mar. 7th, 2008 04:17 pm
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Er, Popsicle is officially ours now.

I'd thought that he'd wandered somewhere he shouldn't have and got hit by a car, but when I walked into the office to pay the rent he walked right up to me to say hi. He got pretty messed up according to the building owner (who took him in), but he's all better now as he got fixed, then got his shots and a haircut. But poor boy has a back mohawk and his fur is still greasy. I'm gonna have to bathe a cat! D:

The girls have him surrounded in Cosmo's corner of the house. Ginger is the most vocal about it, Kali and Abby gave up after an hour, but Ginger is still yowling at him.

XD Oh dear! I noticed him playing where I usually put the catnip and gave him some. He not only tried to knock the container out of my hand but he also snorted it so hard that he started sneezing.
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Its about time I got around to this. I have pets, lots of pets and I take pictures lots of pictures, but I rarely post any of them. So I intend to remedy that. Today through Sunday I'll attempt to post pictures of every critter I have, barring the fish.

Critters, I haz dem. )

So that still leaves all six of the birds, the guinea pig and the dog that is to come.

EDIT: Added Oreo and made the photos into clickable thumbnails to keep the pics from playing merry hell with my monitor.


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