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I fixed it! I had to jiggle a wire, but I am currently blur-less!

I fell asleep before I did the pkunk thing. I'll try to get it done tonight. Hey LBC, do ya think pkunk with a coffee buzz is worth a try?

Ginger has been playing Ninja, running up behind me to grasp my leg or bite my foot. Callie is about a week away from completely killing her feather duster. Abby has gone from hyper affectionate to only demanding one petting today.

Gismo has been eating well. Cosmo still doesn't like stepping up from his cage, but he will step up from my hand or my lap. Ricky snatched his ball out of my hand and put it right back into his water dish when I tried to take it out. Lucy is swinging from her toy like an acrobat. While Zelnick was IS playing birdy soccer with his ball on the floor of his cage.
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What the hell? Sometime yesterday I noticed that the flat screen monitor(I hate it)on this computer had streaking issues. Any light color on a dark background or dark color on a light background leaves streaks from left to right. If I can't fix it soon, I'm putting a sledgehammer through it, the effect on text is annoying as fuck-all.

I've been working with Cosmo on stepping up on request, and he's making progress. He used to do it but shit happened and I stopped asking, so he turned into a birdy brat who won't step-up and has to be toweled, which pisses him off. Most people my age have relationship issues with boy/girlfriends, who am I having relationship issues with? My bird.

In thirty years I will officially be a Crazy Old Bird Lady.

And I WILL finish that project tonight LBC! I REALLY want to get it done and over with.


May. 24th, 2007 01:53 pm
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One of these days I'll actually post the pictures I've taken of the lakeside birds, but right now its Quaker time!

But first, A little something special for LBC )
I like to call it: I can has a Krill?

My bird is a hell-beast! Yaaaaay! )


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