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It's been a busy weekend.

Saturday I did some housecleaning and walked Gunda around the lake with LBC, her dog Angel and her nephew. That was a circus but I discovered that Gunda adores kids, especially when I use them as a cookie delivery system at the end of the walk.

Poor Gunda discovered that she really wanted a duck but couldn't catch one without getting more than her ankles wet and simply didn't want to go any further into the water. I'm quite happy that she didn't dive in after one. She met two geese and walked up to sniff at them, they were hissing at her the entire time, so when she turned her attention away from them for a few seconds they snuck closer. She turned back to look at them and they were nearly close enough to bite her, I've never seen a more perfect "oh shit" expression on a dog before, so I called her away from them and made sure that I was the one in biting range instead of her. I want her to be respectful of large hissing birds, not afraid of them. It seems to have worked as she gave the swans a wide birth when she passed by after wards.

Sunday was devoted to spending time with LBC and the two E's. Which involved a picnic in the car at an Asian market, I got to try out some interesting foods. I need to check out what other sesame seed cracker/cookies I can get my hands on, those things were delicious. I still have one tamarind that I'm trying to resist eating just yet, and an orange drink I still need to try. The red bean bun was somewhat disappointing as I've had sweeter baked beans, but I still have an unopened packet of cookies that I'd loved, so it's all good. XD

Today I cleaned the carpet. It still needs more work but the worst of the effects of Gunda and Frisky's accidents and a few months of dirt have been dealt with.

So now I'm just going to zone out playing with my neopets, and try to work towards getting that Cloud Krawk I decided I wanted last night.
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